UPD.  23/09/2013
Got 31% of russianness in me now, that's +5% in 3 years. Will have to check once again in 2016, might get 36% by that time.

I love this quiz, it is sooo veeeery accurate.

You are 26% Russian!

Who are you kidding? Just because you took a summer language course in Petersburg doesn't make you a Russian.

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Busy Sunday

Main round of programming competition is halfway through; in about three hours I'll finally be able to go hoooome.
There are a lot of brainy children in the classroom I supervise, all of them are doing something, writing hurriedly, solving problems earnestly.
And all I want is to sleep))


Legend of the Guardians

Greatly enjoyed watching "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" this morning. Not overly complicated or especially original cartoon, but extremely beautiful one. In the beginning I sat with my mouth quite literally open. Creators managed to make their owls look so real, every feather can be seen when owl moves with the airstream. Fascinating! 
And emotions, emotions in the owls' eyes are so vivid, so clear!

HP quote

LOL, absolutely priceless XD

Professor Tom Riddle stepped into the Great Hall, his wand out and a ferocious look on his face. It did not escape notice by the crowd that his arm was covered in not so human colored blood.

Harry saw Dumbledore's twinkling eyes turn harsh and his smile disappear as Riddle entered the Hall. He stood in a swift motion, but was too slow to speak before Riddle's voice echoed through the Hall.

"There was a troll. In the dungeons. Thought you ought to know."

Extract from "The Other Side of the Coin" by Zennith6.


I love our weather ♥ 
On my way home, there was a mix of deep blue sky, white clouds, and dark heavy thunderclouds over my head. No more than three minutes ago it started pouring down and showed no signs of stopping anytime soon, but now sun's shining brightly again and the only reminder of recent storm is a merry sprinkle.


Anyone wants a postcard from St. Petersburg? 

I will gladly send a postcard to you, doesn't matter if we know each other well or have barely spoken :)
You only need to leave a comment on this entry and PM me your address.


Interview with Stephen Fry

There is online interview being taken on Twitter right now. It's great xD

Johann Hari
: Speaking of honesty... you say you've never fancied Hugh Laurie. Come on Stephen, you can tell me...
Stephen Fry: *blush* *simper* *giggle* *nervously makes circles in the carpet with the pointed end of his shoes* *shuffles* *giggles* etc.
Hari: Hah! I KNEW it! I've seen the pictures...
Stephen: It is a fortunate truth. I do recognise that he is very handsome and I know that many men and women do lust after him. Happily not I. True!
Hari: I would say 'lol' if I didn't believe that phrase should be punished with immediate death.
Stephen: Oh no. You thought the *blush* etc referred to Hugh! No, it was in response to your "ppl find you attractive" tweet! *help!* crossed wires
Hari: Excuses, excuses... Hah!

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